Muse Fresco Production

Best Music On The Market

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This production company is focused on dedicating ourselves to producing best music on the market in any genre we are specialized in. Actually we are specialized in almost all genres.

We don't take for granted today's easy song making trend speeded by today's popular music industry and the advance in technology. In discipline, we follow strict traditional song smith apprenticeship in the field of popular music, and  composition methods nurtured in Classical music in any orchestral music/serious music, because we value all of these, originality or invention spirit, professional technicality, emotional contents in any production.

After all, quality survives. If you want really original quality music, look no further. Our music labels produce only the best.

From Classical, Jazz to Popular Music like Rock, Black Music, Pops, C&W etc.

We are planned to start our production by making available some popular music. Keep an eye on us! (Our releases will be announced on this site.)

Singers Wanted!

Upon launching this new production company and labels, we are exclusively seeking great professional singers worldwide. Singers in any genres. If you want to sing on really good songs that might catch the ears of the industry, this is the chance. Go to "Singers Wanted" page for further details.

  • From fresh new upcoming singers to seasoned professionals, all welcome!
  • Session singers who own or have 24hrs-a-day access to computer-based DAW.
  • Totally professional situations. Totally serious only.